Bad Latitude Photography is the parent company of a collection of photography-oriented websites, some for-profit, some that are simply free to the photographic community to view. No image is free to use without permission, however, but if you are affiliated with a school or non-profit organization, or are a student, please contact me and I will be happy to oblige your request. All material on any of the sites below is of a suitable nature for all ages.

Behind the name Bad Latitude Photography lurks a rather nice photographer with a good attitude who likes to play on words. My material is not free for commercial purposes, but I'll do my best to work with you and make you a happy customer.

FiveStarPhoto will be a premiere stock photography site. Still in its infancy, the idea is to provide stock photos that are both geographically and topically diverse. These photos are intended for commercial applications,and priced as such. For personal use images, see PostcardShots.
LoneStarPhoto is a local photography site that is being developed. The site is live, now, and will be growing in the coming months. The photographer (me) is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, in the United States. If in need of Texas (and especially DFW area) stock photos, or in need of for-hire custom photograhy, this is the place to go.
PostcardShots is general public facing. It will provide aesthetically pleasing photos intended mostly for wallpaper on your computer in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios. These are high quality wallpapers, and the price is just 99 cents. Pictures here are solely intended for personal use. For commercial use, see FiveStarPhoto. is where it all started. The primary photographer has a major 3D hangup, taking thousands of photos in 3D from all over the world. As a result, has been the #1 Google site for 3D Photography since 1999.

Attached to is the 3D Community Forum, which has open membership to 3D photographers from around the world. Here, anyone who takes 3D photos can sign up and share their own photos, tips and techniques. It is a way of giving back to the community.

This site is a collaborative 3D Stock Photography site. It is in its infancy, as part of the 3D Forum, with contribution from members from all over the world. Demand for 3D stock photos is beginning to come into demand as magazines and other media outlets increasingly look for original 3D content. is a subsite of After the photographer's honeymoon in Africa, so many photos of animals people that were not in 3D begged to be on display. This site, though still 3D oriented, has many other aspects as well, including detailed maps and up-to-date news feeds for the various countries visited.
SirSnapALot is the another way of giving back to the community. The photographer spends a considerable amount of spare time taking photos and devising methods to take photos. This blog-format is simplay a way to share knowledge and technique, as well as personal opinion.
Picture365 was a way for the photographer to try expanding his horizons in hotography and to become more creative. By having to take a photo a day, one must dig deep to come up with new ideas and techniques to keep it interesting. Many times great ideas are not so much epiphanies as they are an evolution of ideas over time. This site captures the photographer's creative journey.
Stock Photography site with a leaning towards web site design stock photos. This is a long term concept and may take a while to come into being.
Stock photos of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
An exploration of the darker side of photography. Images that show that not all in life is bright, but nothing offensive. Simply the grittier side of life. A concept at this point and a place holder for future development.
On The Other Hand... Photo, or, mirror image of the word Photo. Concept only for now- TBD future use.

Brand new idea- user-submitted photos of idiotic things their city has done (a telephone pole in the middle of a sidewalk wheelchair access on a public street was the catalyst for this). The thought is that with enough publicity, stupid things that make life difficult for people might actually get fixed. Might monetize through advertising (lawyers, anyone? :).
This is, so far, my only non-photography site. It simply allows one to alert their friends anonymously that they have a very annoying ringtone, and is monetized through Google Ad Sense. Inspired by hearing Eagle's Heartache Tonight one too many times at work as a coworker would always leave his phone at his desk and leave for hours at a time.